Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My Introduction

​I was destashed from it all

It is as if I am not there. 

Thoroughly it is my introduction! 

It is as if it is a vision

like a waking dream.

Like an audience in a cinema. 

Am part of it all

A flashing pass of events, 

Feeling like the Zionist, 

When Jerusalem was built! 

Like a waking dream 

Was drifting all through. 

Then it all faded and ended. 

The pictures floating by, 

I wondered when it happened. 

Her beautiful and alluring face, 

Her majesty and elegant gait,

Her fawning presence.

Her angelic touches, 

It's coming back to me now! 



Women like her

​Deep on my knees begging; 

"please don't go."

Door slamming shut, she left. 

On WhatsApp she wrote; 

"You're poor and lazy!"

Days and months gone by, 

Still don't understand a thing. 

I got to move on with my life. 

I closed the door on yesterday. 

She is not wanted anymore. 

I was determined to survive!

I picked up the pieces of my life. 

I erased her memory, 

My heart become empty of her. 

She isn't welcome anymore. 

Her kind isn't for my kind. 

How it hurts when she left, 

Now it all make sense why, 

She had to yoke with her kind. 

She had to set me free.

From a blissless future. 

Now am feeling like bird! 

Then a knock on my heart, 

And a grip on my mind,

A wake to consciousness.

Her eyes like dove's

As elegant as horse. 

She stands like on display. 

Halo on her head,

Right there and then, 

My old heart melts,

I know she is the one. 

Just Adam when Eve on display, 

"This is my flesh, my bone! "



Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Gone forever

Gone forever

Like a wisp of smoke,
She was gone.
Her sun was set,
Her greens turned brown.

Olayinka Adumasha,
Gone like a candle in the wind,
Like a flower in the sun,
Like daylight into night.

Who will answer that name?
The smile is gone,
The beauty is gone.
The treasure is lost forever.

Your wedding in February,
Your plans gone forever!
Life is but a dream,
Nothing but a wave!

Adieu my Darling friend.
Where will I hear your voice?
Where will I see your face?
Where are you now?

I shall tell you everything,
Every word, every gist,
When I see you again.
It been a long day
Without you my friend!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Drug and sport

 Should school athletes take drug test? This is a question that has to do with clarification of someone's integrity. Athletes are involved in sport competition; competition has to involve people competing against one another. In this case fairness is very important.
When a sportsman is under the influence of drugs, he or she  will be able to win a competition easier. He or she can run faster and longer. Using drug will take away the fairness from sport competition. And thus deprive other athletes who are fair, of winning.
Many people believe that young people are too innocent to take drug in order to win a competition. They therefore object to students taking drug tests. Drug tests is believed will have psychological effect on these school athletes. These school athletes would probably believe their professional skills are been questioned.
This line of thought is too shallow to hold water. Every school athletes would want to be tested in order to prove their honesty and innocence. Drug tests is therefore a way to show that the competition is fair and free.
I believe in fairness in sport competition. Making the school athletes to go through the drug tests is a step towards assuring everyone of fairness. Drug tests is not to discredit any of the school athletes but to assure them of fairness.
It is my opinion therefore that school athletes have to take drug tests in order to make everyone, especially their  opponents believe in their honesty and professional skill. In a competition where every participants are tested of drug, nobody would accuse one another of cheating. The competition would be fair and free.
If there is to be fair sports competitions, we should encourage school athletes to take drug tests. Sometimes, students take drugs without thinking of the consequences. Therefore, the school athletes have to be tested in order to even discourage them from taking drugs as means to an end.

Just the way it is

Sometimes in life
we read various love stories
we watch love stories
we meet thousands of people
in our walk of life.
our path crosses various people
many people enter our circle of life.
And yet none of them,
not even a single of these people
not any if those love stories
touch us; move us nor change us.

And then we read some love stories
and then we watch some love movies
we found ourselves following them
Laughing when they laugh
crying when they cry.
And then we meet one person
and then our path crosses the path of one person
then one person steps into our circle of life
they move and touch our life remarkably
they change our life forever.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

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