Sunday, July 23, 2017

Drug and sport

 Should school athletes take drug test? This is a question that has to do with clarification of someone's integrity. Athletes are involved in sport competition; competition has to involve people competing against one another. In this case fairness is very important.
When a sportsman is under the influence of drugs, he or she  will be able to win a competition easier. He or she can run faster and longer. Using drug will take away the fairness from sport competition. And thus deprive other athletes who are fair, of winning.
Many people believe that young people are too innocent to take drug in order to win a competition. They therefore object to students taking drug tests. Drug tests is believed will have psychological effect on these school athletes. These school athletes would probably believe their professional skills are been questioned.
This line of thought is too shallow to hold water. Every school athletes would want to be tested in order to prove their honesty and innocence. Drug tests is therefore a way to show that the competition is fair and free.
I believe in fairness in sport competition. Making the school athletes to go through the drug tests is a step towards assuring everyone of fairness. Drug tests is not to discredit any of the school athletes but to assure them of fairness.
It is my opinion therefore that school athletes have to take drug tests in order to make everyone, especially their  opponents believe in their honesty and professional skill. In a competition where every participants are tested of drug, nobody would accuse one another of cheating. The competition would be fair and free.
If there is to be fair sports competitions, we should encourage school athletes to take drug tests. Sometimes, students take drugs without thinking of the consequences. Therefore, the school athletes have to be tested in order to even discourage them from taking drugs as means to an end.